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Langemeier Reflects on Basketball Injury

Updated: May 8, 2019

Zach Langemeier grew up in Wisconsin Rapids, WI where he always had a love for basketball. He pursued the sport in college, as he is now a shooting guard for the men's basketball team at the University of Northwestern - St. Paul.

Langemeier suffered an ankle injury that put him on the sidelines for the rest of the basketball season. The guard was going up for a rebound when he landed on another player's foot. He ended up tearing ligaments and fracturing his ankle on both sides. The significant injury put him on the sidelines for nearly four months. During that time, Langemeier attended physical therapy for three weeks, helping him to get back to running and playing again.

Langemeier says, "It was definitely a struggle at times just sitting there and doing nothing during practice." He explains that his role during that time was to "motivate the team, cheer them on and do [his] job the best [he] could and just be a cheerleader."

Langemeier's advice to others in his situation is to "try and look at the best in everything." The first few weeks were a challenge, and he kept asking God why this was happening to him as a freshman. However, after taking the time and soaking it all in, Langemeier now says, "Everything happens for a reason. God's in control and everything is going to work out." Now, Langemeier is 100% healed and back to playing with his team.

The Eagles are heading to Spain after the semester is over for a missions trip. There, they will play basketball and fellowship with others to bring them closer to God.

Listen to the podcast version here

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